Research and Development

Compound design and in-house mixing of rubber is part of what set’s RotaDyne apart from our competition. From prototype to finished product, RotaDyne’s R&D team brings material science and rubber formulation design expertise to your roll covering or custom mix rubber application. Whether your business is printing, steel, paper, packaging, converting, laminating, plastics pelletizing, or rubber molding of parts, RotaDyne is the perfect partner to help bring existing, new or improved materials to market. Limited diagnostic analytical capability to help troubleshoot problems and characterize unknown materials.

Rubber Formulations

RotaDyne has thousands of rubber formulations already available, but when a new rubber compound is needed, or an existing one needs improvement, we can find a way to YES. RotaDyne designs and mixes in-house compounds utilizing many polymers.

For specialty materials we do not mix in house, such as Silicone (VMQ) and Fluoroelastomer (FKM), we have developed key partnerships with companies that manufacture these materials and the R&D team works subsequently with them to specify a material that will work for your application. From there our manufacturing team takes the reigns across the finish.

Material Evaluation and Testing

  • Processability (Rheology, Viscosity and Shelf Life)
  • Physical properties
    – Hardness (Shore A, Shore D, or P&J)
    – Tensile Strength
    – Tear Strength
    – DIN Abrasion Resistance
    – Compression Set
    – Dent Resistance
    – Color Matching
  • Electrical Properties (Resistivity)
  • Chemical Compatibility (Immersion Testing)

From prototype to finished product, RotaDyne’s Research and Development team is there for you.