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We are a leader in Rotogravure, Flexo, and Digital applications with our custom designed rubber and urethane formulations for the printing and packaging markets.


RotaDyne is the leader in Rotogravure polymeric innovation for publication and packaging gravure printing. Our synthetic and polyurethane coverings in conventional and ESA systems is the highest performing, longest lasting, and most reliable coverings for your rotogravure press.


RotaDyne is the industry leader in Flexo Printing. Our R&D team has developed the leading compounds for today’s high speed presses to assure dimensional stable rollers when exposed to demanding chemistries.


RotaDyne is a Digital OEM certified manufacturer for draw and pull rolls for your digital press. All of our rollers are made to the strictest specifications to assure constant performance on pre

Roller Applications

  • Impression Rolls
  • Sleeves – ESA and non-ESA
  • Sandwich Rolls
  • Nip Rolls
  • Draw Rolls
  • Feed Rolls
  • Lay-on Rolls
  • Idler Rolls
  • Touch Rolls
  • Grooved Rolls
  • Bow Rolls

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