Why Choose Us

RotaDyne is one of the few companies in the world that can control all phases of roller manufacturing from designing and producing quality cores, custom mixing rubber and urethane compounds for covering rollers, to delivery and follow-up services like re-grinding.


Founded in 1908, RotaDyne is one of the largest manufacturers of rollers, roll coverings, and related products in the world. Complementing our core roller business, RotaDyne has a comprehensive research and development department that is continually bringing new rubber and urethane elastomers to market.

Logistic Services

RotaDyne provides roller delivery services for all of our manufacturing locations in the US, Canada and Mexico. Our drivers understand your packaging requirements and make sure your rollers are transported securely.

Global Roller Technologies Group

RotaDyne is a founding member of the Global Roller Technology Group along with Katsura and Mitex, enabling pooled resources to provide products, services, and technical support for customers around the world.

With facilities conveniently located all over the world, RotaDyne’s engineering, manufacturing, sales, and product development resources are well positioned to provide manufacturing solutions for a variety of production applications worldwide.

Let RotaDyne Transform your Technology