Headquartered in Chicago, IL, Rotadyne is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial rollers, coverings, molded products of rubber and urethane elastomers, precision machining and precision engineered products and related applications in the world. Founded in 1908 with a focus on quality, innovation, and value engineering, RotaDyne has adapted and changed with growing and evolving industrial markets.

Rotation Dynamics Corporation (RotaDyne)

By the early 1960s — following an expansion of its manufacturing plants — Ideal was acquired by a large multi-national conglomerate. In 1983, the Company was reacquired with a commitment to grow its business into a top worldwide corporation. Within years, Ideal Roller Company was North America’s leading rubber covered roller manufacturer.

In 1990 the Ideal family was incorporated with a very specific mission — to develop and apply all the appropriate material sciences to “Rotationally Dynamic Objects,” hence creating the name RotaDyne.

Worldwide Manufacturing Locations

Over the course of its 100-plus year history, RotaDyne has evolved into an international family spanning locations throughout the world specializing in the design and fabrication of a wide variety of roller related products, including metal and composite cores, rubber and urethane coverings, precision machining, molded products and decorative arts. It is one of the few international companies that controls all phases of manufacturing from design to delivery, with an expert team of research chemists and engineers to solve complex production problems, a proven quality assurance team that guarantees superior product, and a commitment to environmental and workplace safety.

Transforming Technology

More importantly, RotaDyne brings over a century of hands-on, field experience solving real-world production and manufacturing problems. This “know how” — combined with a deeply-engrained commitment to customer service — makes RotaDyne the perfect partner for any new manufacturing challenge.

RotaDyne’s history and experience position the Company in the crux of today’s lightning-fast pace of rapidly evolving manufacturing and technology. RotaDyne is THE Company to make the next step into the future — the future that will Transform Technology.

Let RotaDyne Transform your Technology