Urethane Formulations engineered by RotaDyne include a line of polyurethanes that are extremely versatile which is the key to their widespread and growing use. There are many types of polyurethane prepolymers which, when combined with a suitable curative, form a solid polyurethane elastomer. The four basic types, known as the "chemical backbone" are:
  • Polyether — TDI and MDI
  • Polyester — TDI and MDI

Polyesters — traditionally known as the "work horse" for roll coverings — are tough elastomers with great resistance to many chemicals and solvents. With good overall physical properties, they are generally less expensive, but do, however, tend to soften at high temperatures, and they have poor resistance to high humidity.

Polyethers are also tough elastomers, possessing an improved resistance towards high temperatures and high humidity, offering also excellent physical properties. Drawbacks to this PU type include generally higher cost, as well as poor resistance to hot acids and caustics.

All of RotaDyne's standard and custom formulations meet the applicable OSHA and EPA requirements.

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