Rubber Development and Engineering of compounds has a 100 year history at RotaDyne. The expertise in engineering the perfect formulation for each and every customer has earned the Company an international reputation for quality performance in rubber manufacturing. The key to RotaDyne’s success is its vast field experience and hands-on engineering solutions. This experience and knowledge spills over into each and every phase of RotaDyne’s rubber development and engineering program.

First and foremost, RotaDyne understands each particular elastomer's application. Not only does RotaDyne have experience in compounding a wide variety of available polymers, its team can match any manufacturing process to the best product.

RotaDyne will thoroughly analyze what you need to get the job done. Numerous factors play into the final selection including manufacturing conditions — heat, abrasion, and solvent exposure. Then there are production needs — static or thermal conductivity and friction, for example. As well the research chemists look at the end use. Is the product going to food or pharmaceutical consumers? These are just some of the properties that will play into a recommendation.

With over 5,000 custom formulations available in RotaDyne's vast proprietary archive, many times RotaDyne will already have a solution to your manufacturing challenge. When — however — a new product needs to be developed, RotaDyne’s rubber development and engineering team is ready to go to work. If this is a new manufacturing process for a new market, RotaDyne can tap additional Company resources and involve the R & D team to develop a whole new approach when warranted.

After the development phase, RotaDyne's attention to quality and performance continues into the production phase. The Company offers internal mixing, mill mixing, calendaring, extruding, straining, and a total quality control program that offers data collection and traceability from raw materials to finished product, ensuring constant customer regulatory compliance.

Whether choosing a rubber product from RotaDyne's vast inventory — or having a custom compound created — RotaDyne's rubber manufacturing capabilities and processes exceed industry standards, and provide products that are unmatched in industry quality.

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