Core Repair and Maintenance to sustain peak performance in hard working Industrial Rollers is another expertise enjoyed by the customers of RotaDyne. Regardless of the original manufacturer of an Industrial roller, they all require periodic maintenance and repair. When that happens, RotaDyne’s expert team is ready with state-of-the-art repair technologies.

Acid Flushing: Keeping the equipment clean by periodically flushing the residual build-up of fluid deposits maintains the flow of hot and cold liquids, conductivity, prevents equipment malfunction, and will extend equipment life.

Analysis: RotaDyne's team offers comprehensive on-site — and remote — maintenance and trouble-shooting analysis. When a problem occurs, the RotaDyne service staff can usually pinpoint if the problem stems from insufficient maintenance, equipment mishandling, or inadequate lubrication. Other problems like slow roller performance, abrasive wear, stress, vibrational issues, excessive whip, off-balance, residual chemical building, or the need for a replacement roller cover can be expertly and quickly determined, with the proper maintenance plan formulated and implemented.

Balancing: All of RotaDyne’s rollers can be carefully inspected by our quality assurance team and properly balanced before leaving our plant. Over time rollers need to be checked and rebalanced, since unbalanced rollers cause poor performance and can potentially damage production equipment. In addition, machine vibrations can affect the finished product. RotaDyne offers dynamic and static balancing, as well as whip analysis designed to keep your equipment in tip-top shape.

Cleaning: A little weekly cleaning maintenance can help keep your rollers and equipment operating trouble-free. RotaDyne's complete line of cleaning products (RotaPaste, RotaCal, and RotaLube) offer washes and lubricants designed to remove excess ink, gum and calcium, as well as providing proper equipment lubrication. As well, RotaDyne offers a “Sticky” Roller for removing roller dust and contaminents.

Finishing & Replating: Keeping on top of pitted or worn rollers through periodic precision grinding and polishing will ensure that your jobs keep running smoothly.

Grinding: Worn, damaged, abraded, or chipped rollers will seriously affect your finished product. RotaDyne's team can expertly handle in-house re-grinding to meet the original manufacturing specifications of your rollers — saving down production time, extending roller life, and maintaining high quality production standards.

Journal Repair. No matter how bad a damaged journal looks (seized bearing spun on journal etc) many rolls can be saved by repair instead of replacement. RotaDyne can build up a damaged journal by welding, then machine it to a like-new condition. Cracked or damaged welds can be removed and repaired also.

Non-Destructive Testing: In addition to visual inspections and comparative analysis, ultrasound, magnetic particle testing, and dye penetrant testing are offered for checking for microscopic cracks and flaws in the roller.

Reverse Engineering: RotaDyne's design and fabrication teams have expert skills in reverse engineering your rollers when it’s time for a replacement. This manufacturing convenience allows for analysis of your already installed equipment, and enables the RotaDyne team to manufacture an exact replica ready to be put into service in place of the older equipment.

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