Hard Coverings on Industrial Rollers are the correct material for many industrial applications. RotaDyne offers, among others; ceramic, chrome and Teflon. These hard coat surfaces help reduce friction, add wear resistance, and prevent corrosion. Additionally each has specific properties that tackle a particular production challenge, and offers its own advantages.

RotaDyne’s expert staff can help determine which cover is best suited for your particular needs.

Ceramic: A thermally-sprayed ceramic coating offers a highly dense, hard, and crack-free surface, providing optimum water transfer and when laser engraved, can contain millions of ink pick-up cells.

Chrome: Electro-plating chromic acids into solids provides unsurpassed corrosion and wear resistance.

Copper: Turning electro-plated copper sulfates acids into a solid offers great ink transport, resistance to stripping and good wear properties. A propriety process of copper coating with a fine grain provides a structure that is consistent across the full face length of the roll, and with hardness exceeding the industry standard offers tremendous stability.

Nylon: A powder coating melted on the core provides a satin smooth finish that loves ink and reduces poor ink transference and stripping. This coating offers longevity and is less susceptible to damage and ink vibrations. Additional coating finishes can include smooth, knurled or spiral.

Teflon: Sprayed on and baked this coating offers heat resistance, excellent electric stability, high lubricity, and a low coefficient of friction, as well as a non-stick, easy release benefit.

Teflon Sleeves: We offer FEP and PFA Teflon Sleeves. We can supply .025 to .062 thick direct over a core or over our specially designed elastomer coverings. Sleeves can be supplied ground and polished and to your required surface finish. Teflon sleeves provide high release, temperature and chemical resistance.

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