Roll Coverings are as critical to the success of the roller application as the engineering and manufacture of the core. RotaDyne — the industry leader in roller technology — knows that the first step for meeting a client's production requirements is a superbly-crafted, precision-manufactured roller core, either new or reconditioned.

Once the roller core has been produced the next critical component is the roll covering. Here is where RotaDyne's commitment to engineering, development and resources shines — with a versatile line of superior roll coverings.

Roll coverings come in a variety of types, and directly reflect the final manufacturing goals and production conditions. Equally important to the covering is how it is affixed to the core. RotaDyne has extensive experience in all types of roll coverings and state-of-the-art adhesion methods that ensure that the roller covering and the core operate at maximum efficiency.

RotaDyne specializes in hard and soft durometer roll coverings — in natural and synthetic formulations. The Company combines extensive years of experience doing customer field work — with its comprehensive research and development labs — to offer the most highly sophisticated products available anywhere in the world.

The expert team at RotaDyne will assess your manufacturing process and will factor in your specific needs when making a roller covering formulation recommendation. As new material continually come to market previous "stand by" favorites may have become obsolete — replaced by a better and more efficient new product.

Among the end use application considerations included in a roller covering review are: electrical conductivity; coefficient of friction; need for release; heat resistance requirements; abrasion and cut issues; the potential for deterioration from oxidation; aging; ozone; need for strong physical durability; the importance of efficient thermal transfer; ability to work with a variety of surface textures; and specific chemical exposure.

From these analyses covering products can be matched including SBR, Natural, Polyisoprene, and special blends of these polymers. Each and every roller covering can have your specified color or hardness and is rigorously manufactured and inspected before shipping from RotaDyne's numerous production facilities throughout the world.

In addition to RotaDyne's R&D program, the Company is one of the few roller manufacturers to also own and manage its own core manufacturing and rubber and urethane processing divisions, so there is no need for additional materials suppliers. This ensures uniform high quality standards as well as realized cost savings for OEM and after-market customers, who do not have to pay any flow-through charges to multiple sub-contractors and suppliers. As well, this "one-stop" shopping guarantees that tight schedules and quick turn-around delivery times can be met.

Most importantly, RotaDyne offers roll coverings that exceed industry expectations, providing high-quality, trouble-free performance year after year. Whatever you are manufacturing, RotaDyne has the roller covering to enhance your production. Whatever you are manufacturing, RotaDyne has the roller covering to enhance your production.

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