Materials are an obvious and crucial component of any new manufacturing venture. Each process has its own unique needs. RotaDyne’s Research and Development team is ready to tackle any challenge.

Of particular advantage to RotaDyne's team is the Company's own rubber manufacturing facilities. For standard product formulations, this ensures quick product delivery during the Research and Development phase. For customized product requirements, new formulations can be quickly developed with specific properties, and batches can be easily turned around using RotaDyne’s own production facilities. This saves enormous time and expense during the development phase.

As RotaDyne's Research and Development team is working on the right product formulation, its precision machining division can be simultaneously developing the correct roller or mold prototype, as well as developing the specific bonding techniques that might be needed either for a roll covering or for a molded product. All of these materials issues can be quickly integrated into a seamless development phase in RotaDyne's materials labs.

Along with the engineering challenges, RotaDyne's team is expert in determining the most environmentally-friendly — and most OSHA-compliant workplace products — that can be used and still achieve your goals. RotaDyne's chemists have an ever-evolving research protocol to bring newer and safer products to market, and any manufacturing process developed with RotaDyne's Research and Development team will reflect this state-of-the-art industry expertise.

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