Precision Machined Products manufactured by RotaDyne reflect the Company's commitment to applying today's cutting edge technology in order to meet our customers' most demanding applications. Combine this with our research and development team, and you have a one-stop shopping opportunity for streamlined production work. RotaDyne's precision machining operations produce a wide range of products.

Precision Machined Components

From Firearms to coils housings our 12-axis capability allows us to handle the most precise requirements economically.


Superior quality roller cores designed and engineered to hold up under the most rigorous manufacturing conditions and built for years of reliable service.


RotaDyne’s precision machining team can customize roll coverings — grooved to complex patterns as well as crowned, both parabolic and tapered.


Perfectly designed and manufactured to match every production requirement.

Decorative Technology

Intricately engraved printing cylinders for use in decorative gravure.

Mold Fabrication

In-house capability to design and fabricate high-quality molds for custom rubber and liquid cast molding combined with the Company’s experience in custom formulations reduces lead-time to market.

From drawing board to machining to delivery — RotaDyne offers sophisticated, high-quality precision machined products that exceed the most rigorous standards of excellence.

RotaDyne — Transforming Technology