Rubber Bladders & Accessories for the Hydraulic Accumulator Industry

RotaDyne is the largest North American manufacture of rubber bladders and accessories for use in hydraulic accumulators. As a pioneer in rubber bladders, RotaDyne has been supplying all the major accumulator manufacturers for over (60) years. In addition to the bladders, RotaDyne provides all the necessary accessories — Gas Valve Stems and Inserts, Anti-Extrusion Rings, Clamps & Brackets.

Though our in-house manufacturing of rubber and machining of valve stems along with our rubber bonding expertise, RotaDyne is completely vertically integrated. RotaDyne's comprehensive precision manufacturing, superior knowledge of rubber formulations, and expert product development, ensure a high-quality product for the Oil & Gas industry and a variety of industrial & mobile applications.

Our bladder offering ranges from 0.5 to 57 liters (1 pint to 16 gal) providing all the standard sizes. We offer all standard valve stems and inserts, manufactured with our state of the art CNC equipment held to close tolerances, verified using the latest Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). We have vast experience machining all types of carbon and stainless steel materials including 4140, 17-4PH, and 316.

In addition to our standard offering, we welcome the opportunity to manufacture different size bladders and stems for your particular applications.

RotaDyne's rubber compounds for bladders and anti-extrusion rings:

  • Standard Nitrile
  • Low Temperature Nitrile
  • Extreme Low Temperature Nitrile
  • Butyl
  • Hydrin
  • Ethylene Propylene
  • Fluoroelastomer (Viton)

The Company's attention to detail and pride in workmanship — as well as strict quality controls — ensure your product's compliance with the most rigorous safety standards and regulations.

RotaDyne manufactures our bladders to the following design criteria:

  • Chemical Compatibility
    • ASTM D-471
    • ISO-1817
  • Operating Temperature Range
    • ASTM D-1053-92a(07)
    • ISO-812
  • Gas Permeability
    • ASTM 1434-82 (2003) PROCEDURE V
    • ISO-2782-1995
  • Mechanical/Physical Properties
    • ASTM D-412, D-624
    • ISO-37, ISO34-2, ISO-4649
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