Molded Rubber Manufacturing Methods, regardless of the conditions — high volumes or chemical and environmental resistance — are a RotaDyne specialty, with the experience to meet all production requirements. The Company is expert is all traditional and cutting-edge molded product techniques including:

Compression Molding

The compression molding process starts by creating "pre-forms" in the basic shape of the end product. Once the "pre-forms" are in place the mold is then loaded into the press, which apples both heat, and pressure to the pre-form. During the molding process the material then fills the cavity and any excess material flows into the overflow groves.

Custom Molding

When specialized molded products are needed to be manufactured with unparalleled accuracy.

Injection Molding

The injection molding process consists of a continuous strip of material being fed by an auger into to the barrel and nozzle assembly on a continuous basis. Temperature and pressure is then applied by the press, which fills and packs the cavities to the desired shape.

Injection Liquid Molding

Liquid injection molding requires that a two-part high viscosity liquid system be delivered to the barrel after passing through a mixing/metering pump. If desired pigment can be added via the pumping system as well.

Transfer Molding

The transfer molding process requires that a pre set heat weight of raw material is placed into a "pot" located between the top plate and a plunger. Once the material is in location the mold is then closed and the material is compressed by the plunger and transferred through sprues into the cavities below.

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