Plastics manufacturers look to RotaDyne for state-of-the-art rollers and covering technologies.

Plastic product manufacturing offers some of the most challenging manufacturing environments, where combinations of heat, cold, chemical exposure, ozone, abrasion, and a host of other complex conditions are involved in the actual manufacturing process. Combine this with the need for high-throughput rates, keeping the equipment from being damaged, and complying with OSHA health and safety workplace regulations, and it can be a challenge.

RotaDyne has the experience to deal with these manufacturing conditions, and offers a full line of standard roller rubber and urethane coverings, as well as offering a custom compound lab with its research and development team continually fine-tuning new products to meet these harsh production requirements.

Whether you are pelletizing, sheeting, working with film or resins, food containers, garbage bags, grocery bags, pool liners, making toys, or any of the hundred other plastics manufacturing processes used in industry today, RotaDyne has the perfect solution to meet your needs.

Understanding the complexities of the plastics manufacturing industry is a large component to solving the problem. RotaDyne has years of hands-on field experience working side-by-side with industry partners to meet and exceed manufacturing expectations in the plastics industry, earning it a world-wide reputation for quality and integrity.

RotaDyne also offers a full line of conductive and anti-static formulations. These compounds are critical in reducing static build up during web handling and converting.

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