Molded Products

Molded Products manufacturing by RotaDyne offers an expertise unparalleled in the industry. Regardless of where you turn, some product or piece of finished product — whether seen or unseen — has a molded piece. With comprehensive research and development labs, a team of cutting-edge chemists and engineers, precision machinists and machining equipment, and a vast catalog of proprietary rubber and urethane formulations, RotaDyne is able to meet even the most exacting customer specifications.

From office equipment, automotive use, cash machines, coffee mugs, to skateboard companies, the list is endless for the need for precisely manufactured, sophisticated molded products.

With capabilities in both metals and plastics, as well as rubber and urethane, RotaDyne can create the perfect mold for your manufacturing needs.

The Company's catalog of frequently-used molds stretches to every industry and market. When, however, a custom project is required, the RotaDyne staff is always eager to take the challenge.

RotaDyne's molds can be found in the production of mail sorting equipment, laminating equipment, cash machines, and off-road vehicles, as well as being used in the manufacture of arms, optics, energy and archery to name just a few of the markets the Company has touched.

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