Housing and Wood

Housing and Wood construction and manufacturing benefit from RotaDyne's years of experience in the decorative technologies market. Combine this with expertise in rubber and urethane formulations, and you have an excellent choice when roller technology and coverings are needed for the housing manufacturing market.

The Company's extensive design library offers customers a wide range of wood grain, marble and stone as well as abstract patterns from which to choose. These designs are optimized for gravure print and emboss rolls used in manufacturing furniture, cabinets, counter tops, laminates, flooring, tile, wallpaper, decking and paneling, among others. When a specific custom design is required, RotaDyne’s skilled artisans can handle all aspects of the design and engraving. The Company's engineers can make the most accurate choices for roller type and coverings based on the manufacturing needs at hand, with firm understanding of heat, chemical, and abrasion requirements.

RotaDyne also has extensive experience in exterior housing materials, offering manufacturing products that streamline the production process in deck and fencing, insulation, roofing, house wraps, and siding.

In addition to the consumer-end decorative portion, the Company's understanding of the interplay with stains and textures working in tandem with design, allows for the best installation of roller technology and covering that will get the job done efficiently and cost-effectively.

Industry experience and know-how — along with an eye for creativity and design — makes RotaDyne the preferred vendor for the housing markets.

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