Design of the highest quality is the key to RotaDyne's decorative technology capabilities, including a wide range of artistic skills for patterning. The Company's extensive experience with decorative technology manufacturers make it the number one choice when selecting a design and engineering partner.

Custom Patterns

With a keen eye for design, RotaDyne’s full service creative design department can address the aesthetic and fashion side of your manufacturing process. RotaDyne’s team can create and execute the most intricate of pattern designs with full follow-through to address your manufacturing needs. The Company's custom-design capabilities are well known, and have earned RotaDyne a sterling reputation for high quality performance time and time again, as well as the confidence of knowing that all custom-created patterns are backed by secure and protected customer confidentiality.

Pattern Library

With 100 years of combined experience in the gravure and embossing business, RotaDyne is an undisputed world leader with one of the most extensive pattern libraries. This archived design collection contains patterns for almost every material known — wood, granite, marble, leathers and stone — and includes patterns pulled from technical drawings, artist drawings, and digital imagery. This vast library collection offers manufacturers an opportunity to streamline their operations from the start, and provides an opportunity to work with RotaDyne's decorative technology team to build the most cost-effective process from idea to execution.

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