Decorative Capabilites offered by RotaDyne include the following technologies:
  • Electromechanically-engraved cylinders up to 254cm face and 255cm circumference
  • Laser-engraved cylinders up to 488cm face and 24cm-240cm circumference
  • Steel and copper embossing cylinders
  • Micro-printing and anti-counterfeit cylinders
  • Shafted cylinders and cylinder shells
  • All standard line screens and custom screens are available
  • Cylinder and plate proofing with water-based and solvent-based inks on all substrates
  • H.E.E.F. (High Efficiency Etch Free) Chrome
  • De-chrome and re-chrome with full repair services
  • Digital workflow with ArtPro, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Autocad
  • 44 inch wide format printing, inkjet proofing
  • High-end flatbed scanning available
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