Decorative Technologies — from image design and digital capture, through application and precise engraving — offers customers closely replicated manufactured products that meet the sophisticated needs of the most discerning customers.

Decorative technology is one of RotaDyne’s most robust specialty services, where the Company’s blend of engineering, development, and resources has reached a level of unparalleled and unmatched industry excellence.

RotaDyne offers a full-service creative design department geared to address the aesthetic needs of graphic and visual arts across a wide spectrum of industries. Whether providing quality design and imaging services or precision manufacturing, the Company takes pride in ensuring that the work is accomplished with specific consideration to industrial safety and environmental concerns.

The Company is staffed with a full-service custom-design team as well as owning one of the most extensive decorative design library’s in the world.

With a forever-evolving, cutting-edge, end-to-end digital workflow to meet our client’s changing needs, RotaDyne delivers consistent managed color and offers superb image optimization and matching capability, as well as retouching, realistic composite, and seamless repeat work. With the state-of-the-art software and hardware, virtually any file format — or original design material — can be accepted.

RotaDyne’s extensive manufacturing capabilities ensure a wide-range of customized cylinder sizes, with the latest advancements in semi-automated plating, digital engraving, and finishing technologies, as well as laser engraving and embossing, proof press, de-chrome, re-chrome, and cylinder repair services.

For all applications in decorative technology, RotaDyne has the answer.

RotaDyne — Transforming Technology